Partnership Between Scientists and Fishermen

October 2020 – May 2022,
Central Adriatic

About the Project

The project Improving cooperation between fishermen and scientists for the purpose of introducing advanced technologies for marking fishing gear, protecting fish health and preserving the environment was applied in the tender of the Ministry of Agriculture for granting support under measure I.3. “Partnerships between scientists and fishermen”.


Encouraging transfer knowledge between scientists and fishermen


Public authorities, fishermen, fishermen’s associations, local fisheries action groups (FLAGs) and NGOs

Type of Operation

Creating networks, partnership agreements, contracts or associations between one or more independent scientific bodies and fishermen or one or more fishermen’s organizations, in which technical bodies may participate,

Activities carried out within networks, partnership agreements, contracts or associations, including data collection and management activities, studies, pilot projects, dissemination of knowledge and research results, seminars and best practices.

Project Team