Neven Cukrov

Scientific Advisor

Neven is employed as a scientific advisor at the Ruđer Bošković Institute in Zagreb. His workplace is at the Martinska marine station near Šibenik, Division for Marine and Environmental Research, and is focused on environmental protection through research biogeochemistry of metals in the aquatic environment. His research area is aquatic systems; coastal sea, estuary, underground estuary, submerged groundwater research and anchialine ecosystems, tufa forming flows and karst water. His main scientific interests are anthropogenic influence on recent sedimentation and precipitation of tufa, and biogeochemistry of metals, radionuclides and microplastics in aquatic systems and groundwater bodies. In addition, he deals with the development of representative and underwater sampling technology, and sampling in speleological objects. He is involved in the development of processes of automatic and semi-automatic monitoring of the state of the aquatic environment using the achievements of modern technology.

He is involved as a leader or collaborator in several domestic and European scientific research projects.